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Here is why you need to Travel more:

People travel for various reasons. Some are born with wanderlust and want to explore the world, while others seek after new experiences in life, and yet few others love spending the weekends with friends and families in another location. We have gathered up some of the best reasons for why you need to travel more.

Travelling allows you to become an adventurous person:

When you travel, you will come across things which you haven’t seen before in your life. When you are not in your comfort zone, you will tend to take up every new thing as a challenge and try to solve it most efficiently. Travelling enables you to put yourself in such challenging situations, and you will learn how to be more confident when you are put in a situation where you are entirely lost.

Helps you appreciate the things you don’t have:

We only miss our homes when we hit the road. In life, we understand things better when don’t have something. Till the time we have something we hardly appreciate its value, but when it is gone, we miss its absence and understand its real value. When you travel, you will appreciate the comforts of your home. Even if you are in the most luxurious hotels in the world, you will always want to come back home. When you travel for business, you will know that at the end of the day that family is all that matters and will look forward to talking to your loved ones.

Helps you discover yourself:

Most of us live a routine life, and we hardly get the time to understand who we truly are. When you travel, you are putting yourself in an uncomfortable situation, and you are providing yourself with a chance to discover yourself. You also tend to identify skills you never knew you had.

Travel helps you to learn new cultures and languages:

It is always fun to learn new things. When you travel, you have the opportunity to learn about the culture of the locality and learn about their lifestyle. It is also fun to learn new words in other languages and improve your knowledge.

Travelling gives you stories to remember for a lifetime:

As we travel, we will come across many adventures and daring situations which we will never forget in our entire life. We all would remember something which happened when we were on a trip a year ago much better than what happened at work last week.

Provides you with a sense of achievement:

When you complete a trip, you get this satisfaction that you were able to achieve something. Especially when you travel alone, you become more confident and feel a lot better as you will have a sense of achievement after each trip.

Advantages of Travelling alone

Traveling itself is a brilliant thing to do as it expands our horizons and makes us understand the true meaning of living. But when you decide to travel alone, you will get the chance to explore yourself besides exploring other things around you. Traveling alone has a lot of perks, and it can even change the way you view life. Though it is often considered as lonely and unsafe, there are several other advantages of traveling alone, and we have listed down some of the top perks of traveling alone.

Utter freedom to anything:

Traveling alone gives you the freedom to do anything you want. You don’t have to consider the opinion of the people who are traveling with you or adjust your plans based on others needs. Traveling alone lets you spend time at the place you love the most, and you don’t have to compromise with anyone.

Make new friends:

If you have traveled with your friends, you would have had so much fun and would have explored many things together, but you wouldn’t have gone out of your comfort zone to talk to the locals out there. When we travel as a group, we tend to stick to that group and hardly mingle with other travelers or localities. But when we travel alone, we don’t hesitate to interact with other tourists and the localities. Such interactions will make you very confident and also help you make new friends.

Spend as much as you want:

When you travel alone, you don’t have to worry about the budgets of the other people. When you travel in a group, you will be worried about how much to spend on food, hotels and other things. But when you travel alone, you can avoid many awkward situations.

You can reflect on yourself:

If you ever feel that you are stressed in life or if you are confused on what to do with your life, you need to take time off your daily schedule and go on a trip all by yourself. When you go on a trip all by yourself, you will get so much time to ponder upon your life, and you will also be able to reflect on yourself. Meeting new people and going to new places will make your mind very fresh and you will be able to think clearly. When you travel alone, you will be able to discover your hidden talents and characters.

Learn to be responsible and independent:

When you travel alone, you are out on your own. There is no one to guide you or tell you what to do, and you will have to figure out everything out on your own. When you do such things, you will be more independent and learn many things. Even after coming back from the trip you will have the confidence to do many things.


2 Must do things before booking a hotel

We have all been there; checking into a hotel and realising that it is clearly not worth all that money you have spent. The worst part is that that hotel is most likely to set the tone for the whole trip that you have planned out. The biggest red flag should be raised when you don’t want to return to your hotel room to crash; dreading go back is a sign that you didn’t put enough effort to book the right hotel. To spare you the blushes and to make sure you don’t make that cardinal sin; we have compiled a list of things to do before booking a hotel room.

  1. Reviews

Reviews are your biggest trump card, so play it well. Before you even consider booking a place, make sure that the online reviews of the place are good and generally positive. If there is overwhelming negative opinion coupled with amazing discounts, then we are sure that the place you are looking for is going to be nothing like those pictures that they have put up. There are a lot of travel blogs these days that you can check out to make sure that the place you are booking is at least internet certified. Word of caution though, we suggest that you take the reviews with a grain of salt because reviews can sometimes be based on singular experience during an off period, so to make sure to read the latest ones before forming an opinion.

  1. Location

Location has got to be one of the essential factors that you need to look into before planning on booking a hotel. Make sure that the hotel you are booking is either at the heart of the city or closest to the place you are looking to visit. Because it makes no sense to book a hotel that is far away from the city. You have got to realise that the only reason you are getting such great deals on hotels in obscure locations is because they are in obscure locations. And remember that what you save by booking a hotel that is so far away is actually used up in cab fares. So in the end you are in a lose-lose situation and end up spending almost the same amount.

We can go on and on pointing out other things that we think you need to look into. But if you get the basics right, then everything else should fall into place.

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