2 Must do things before booking a hotel

We have all been there; checking into a hotel and realising that it is clearly not worth all that money you have spent. The worst part is that that hotel is most likely to set the tone for the whole trip that you have planned out. The biggest red flag should be raised when you don’t want to return to your hotel room to crash; dreading go back is a sign that you didn’t put enough effort to book the right hotel. To spare you the blushes and to make sure you don’t make that cardinal sin; we have compiled a list of things to do before booking a hotel room.

  1. Reviews

Reviews are your biggest trump card, so play it well. Before you even consider booking a place, make sure that the online reviews of the place are good and generally positive. If there is overwhelming negative opinion coupled with amazing discounts, then we are sure that the place you are looking for is going to be nothing like those pictures that they have put up. There are a lot of travel blogs these days that you can check out to make sure that the place you are booking is at least internet certified. Word of caution though, we suggest that you take the reviews with a grain of salt because reviews can sometimes be based on singular experience during an off period, so to make sure to read the latest ones before forming an opinion.

  1. Location

Location has got to be one of the essential factors that you need to look into before planning on booking a hotel. Make sure that the hotel you are booking is either at the heart of the city or closest to the place you are looking to visit. Because it makes no sense to book a hotel that is far away from the city. You have got to realise that the only reason you are getting such great deals on hotels in obscure locations is because they are in obscure locations. And remember that what you save by booking a hotel that is so far away is actually used up in cab fares. So in the end you are in a lose-lose situation and end up spending almost the same amount.

We can go on and on pointing out other things that we think you need to look into. But if you get the basics right, then everything else should fall into place.