How to Pack & Stay Light when Traveling

Traveling light is a magic trick that most people cannot pull off. The reason why we call it a magic trick is because there is a secret to doing it and once you learn that secret, you can be a magician as well. Jokes apart, here in this article, you will find tips to travel light. Also, we would like to mention that we have been traveling for well over a decade now and we come with ample amount of experience when it comes to this particular topic. What we learned the hard way is now compiled into a two to three-minute read, so sit back and learn the ways of the force.

  1. Small is better

The major reason why people end up carrying a lot of things is that their bags are big. People have this tendency to try filling up all the space that is available in the bag. So our solution is so simple that it works. We have a designated bag that is to be used only for traveling. The back is much smaller than your usual bags or suitcases and only fits just the right amount of clothes. If you are starting out, we suggest that you check out the Outbreaker bag.

  1. Just in Case

Don’t pack things with the mindset of “Just in Case”; remember that you are not preparing for war and the trip is not going to get as messy as you think it is going to become. Just make sure to pack things that are essential for the trip and not for the million permutation and combinations that you have thought off. We were recently on this trip to Maui and the island generally has tropical weather; one of our friends thought it would be a good idea to pack two sweaters and the reason she gave was “Just in Case”. Do you see the point we are trying to make?

  1. Walk on Air

We cannot begin to stress the importance of carrying shoes that are light; the best decision you could make is to ditch those fashionable clunky boots for light shoes that will take all the pain away from your body when you wear them. The essential thing to remember is that a vacation is meant to be enjoyed and should be used as a time to get some much needed R&R, not a time for you to think of yourself as a fashion model who requires over-the-top shoes to match each outfit.